Our first stop…..

10 Sep

J’s trip- Is now in Walla Walla, WA.

G’s trip- Is now in Sioux Falls, SD

Mom’s trip- Is now in Yonkers, NY

We have all travelled outside of the state we started in.


Rules of the Game

2 Sep

Objective: To travel the furthest using the least amount of money.


1) Choose a car by researching mpg and price.

2) Pick your starting city,state

3) Keep track of gas costs, hotel costs, and attraction costs

4) Only 300 miles are allowed per day. Once 300 miles are travelled, player must stop and find a hotel.

5) One attraction must be visited each day. Each player must research cost of attraction and also find a picture of the attraction.

6) Each player must visit at least 20 states and 5 provinces over the course of the school year. The winner is determined by who travelled the most miles for the least amount of money.


What you need:

1) gasbuddy.com

2) road atlas or google maps

3) AAA online tourbook or other tour destination website.